Hailing from the Golden State, VerseBorn is a Creole American recording artist and a music producer.

Creole people are ethnic groups which originated during the colonial era from racial mixing mainly involving West Africans as well as some other people born in colonies, such as French, Spanish, and Indigenous American peoples.

This artist rides solo, but he also reps a Bay area group called KonQuest (Keep On Never QUit Even when it Seems Tough), which he formed in high school alongside childhood comrade, Flamingo Fred.

VerseBorn is clearly a man of his people, as he proudly tells us all about their collective:

“As a collective, the KonQuest camp has released several singles and collaborations, spreading uplifting music with the message echoing motivation to follow your dreams.”

- Marlon C. (Editor, Release Magazine)

All inquiries: konquestnow@gmail.com