I was raised in the #SanFrancisco #BayArea and come from a very #diverse background. My #family consisted of all shades and a variety of personalities- “fitting in” was never really a concept in my mind.

This also taught me early on how to #appreciate and #respect people for their differences and allowed me to connect with many different groups and individuals throughout life.

Both of my parents where involved in the music scene since I was young, so I have always been immersed in the elements of #rnb #hiphop and #rockandroll. This has definitely influenced my style of #art as I blend and blur the lines often with the music that I produce.

#Music has always been the most prominent therapeutic support system for me and has helped me to keep a wrangle on my many personal issues, especially #mentalhealth and #depression.

Knowing that others also share similar struggles, and hearing from people that resonate with my artistic expression, has been a huge #inspiration and driving force for me to continue on this path.

One of my main goals is to use music as a vehicle to drive #positive #change and #socioeconomic #empowerment for the #community, the #culture and more importantly the #youth of today, who will lead the world of tomorrow.